Super Champions Newsletter

March/April 2023


I’d like to share with you the core values of what we are depositing into our coaches and athletes within Super Champions to create winners in every aspect of our lives. Our core values come from the HEART! We have taken the letters in HEART to give us a blueprint of what it takes to win.

H is for Humble! By staying humble we open ourselves up for GOD to promote us and give us HIS grace to help us succeed at whatever it is we are doing. When we aren’t humble and choose to be proud, then we are in opposition with God and He will resist us. Which means He wars against us. (John4:7, 10: I Peter 5:6)

E is for Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm stems from the Latin word En-Theo, which means the God within. True enthusiasm comes from God and when we spend quality time with Him and allow His thoughts about us to dominate our lives, we will be enthusiastic about the life we are living. This causes us to have an AWESOME ATTITUDE which is our next characteristic. (Colossians 1:27)

A is for Attitude! Attitude is the posture or action of things or persons representing their passion or feelings. When we are spending time with God, He will infuse us with an Enthusiastic Attitude. (II Corinthians 3:10)

R is for Reality Check! No matter where we are in our walk with Christ or in any aspect of our lives we have to be REAL with ourselves in order to get better. Once we know where we are then we can allow the highest form of reality to show us where we need to be. God’s Word is the word of Truth. In one translation it says it is the highest form of reality. His Word promises victory in every area of our lives when we believe it. (John 8:32)

T is for Thoughts! As a person continues to think in his heart so is he. We will never have the success that God intends for us to have if we don’t think that it is His will for us to be successful in that area. We have to transform our thinking to believe in our hearts that we are called to win in every area of our lives, by meditating on the highest form of reality, God’s Word! (Proverbs 23:7; Romans 12:2)

Thank you for being such an amazing partner in all that God has called us to do. We look forward to seeing you win in every area of your lives as we continue to make God’s Word our final authority.



Fundraiser Update:

We are SUPER excited to announce that we raised over $15,000.00 for our club team in our first fundraiser. These finances drastically bring the cost of each girl’s season down to help alleviate some of the financial pressure so many are under right now because of the economy. Thank you to ALL who gave specifically towards this campaign and thank you to our faithful partners whose continuous giving helps us continue the work God has called us to do…

Teach people how to WIN in EVERY AREA of their LIVES!!!

Our Super Awesome 16’s Team!

Left to Right: Elizabeth, Aubree, Cora, Morgan, Delaynie, Ellie (also 17’s team), Savannah, and Lay.

These girls have been such a joy to coach. At our last tournament they were doing cartwheels during another team’s timeout. They are fun-loving and hardworking girls. Oh, how they have grown this season!!!

Thank you, partners, for faithfully praying over these young women. They each have bright futures ahead of them!!!

Oh how God desires to be in the middle of every part of our lives! Have you thought about that lately? When you wake up each day do you remember to ask Him to order your steps or bless the work of your hands? This morning as I was reading my daily Proverb this verse stood out to me as if a bright spotlight was shining upon it saying, “Look here! Ponder here! Meditate here! Catch what I am saying here!

“Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” Proverbs 16:3

Of course, my first thoughts went to the benefits of this verse—the LORD establishing my thoughts. Establish means to set and fix firmly or unalterably or to settle permanently. As we commit our ways to the LORD then HE establishes our thoughts. So if the battlefield of our lives is in our minds, then the GREATEST defense system from attack is to commit our works to the LORD.

The word commit, as defined in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, means to give in trust; to throw upon; to put into the hands or power of another. This concludes that when we TRULY commit our works to the LORD, we completely release ALL CONTROL of them over to Him. Yep! Selah on that for a while and realize that there have been times when we thought we committed our works to God, but really, we just wanted to keep the reins.

There is something beautiful I remember when Rick used to train horses. In the beginning he would have to keep a tight rein on those young horses. They wanted to “do their own thing” and do all of the leading. They would fight against the bit and reins, but in order to teach them a better way, they must learn to submit to their owner. However, over time the horse learns what the owner wants and slowly takes steps from fighting the bit and reins and moves over into yielding to it. It is at that point that the reins become loosed and now there exists a partnership between man and horse. It is an amazing process to watch and even more amazing to ride a horse that has been trained this way.

As we start out in our faith walk, we tend to hold on so tight to the reins of our lives. Sometimes it is difficult to “let go and let God.” Yet let me tell you something so amazing… Just as Rick was so patient with each horse he trained, God is so much MORE patient with you and I. He is waiting for you to finally say, “I relinquish my control and commit my works, my life, and everything I am to You.”

God knows what’s best and He knows the most expedient way to bring success and victory into our lives. As I said before, He desires so deeply to be in the middle of every area of our lives! Why? Because He wants us winning in every area of our lives! So, before you make your plans today and before you saddle up and take the trail of your life today, commit your works to God. Throw them on Him and let Him establish your thoughts for success. You might be amazed how easy it is when you follow His thoughts instead of your own.


Everyone remembers that famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams. Well, its a concept that originated with God. All throughout scriptures, from Noah to Jesus teaching His disciples about going into all the world, God asks us to take steps before it looks like anything will happen in the natural. This is a step we believe the Lord has been preparing us for for years. In the beginning stages of our sports ministry the Lord showed Rick in a vision 7 athletic training facilities across the U.S. Back then, we always thought the Waxahachie area would be the first. Yet for years the Lord had us in other cities and towns–only to bring us back to where it all began for us.

We ask you to begin praying and believing with us for the right location, the right architectural design, the financial supply and favor with city officials as we begin researching our first

Super Champions Training Facility.

Our desire is to create a space for athletes and their families to come together in an environment full of vision, victory and the presence of God. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. We join in faith with you for an abundant harvest on every seed you sow and we come into agreement with you on the prayers you are believing to be answered in your own lives. Please send us an email of any prayer requests, praise reports or any faith projects YOU are believing for. We want to expedite the process with the prayer of agreement.

-Rick & Kassi

Super Champions Inc. | PO Box 1826 | Burleson, TX 76097

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